PAYE Tax Rebates
P45/P60 tax refunds

PAYE Tax Rebates, P45/P60 Tax Refunds

Paid PAYE tax and/or had a wrong tax code? Need to claim a tax refund with forms P85, P87, P50? Claim your PAYE tax rebate now and get up to 100% of your tax back - just give us your P45/P60 figures and get a free tax calculation in 24 hours!  Learn more...

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Seafarer Tax Rebates
Seafarers Earnings Deduction tax refunds

Seafarer Tax Rebates, Seafarers Earnings Deduction Tax Refunds

Paying UK tax as a seafarer? Claim ALL your tax back now. Through the Seafarers Earnings Deduction you can claim a FULL tax refund. Make a SED claim now and get your seafarer tax back - apply online and get a Free Tax Calculation in 24 hours!  Learn more...

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Non-Resident Employee Tax Back
Refunds of UK tax on overseas income

Non-Resident Employee Tax Back, Refunds of UK Tax on Overseas Income

Working overseas and paying UK tax? As a non-resident employee you can claim ALL your tax back! Overseas employees can claim a FULL refund of their UK tax! Get your Non-Resident tax refund now and receive a free calculation in 24 hours!  Learn more...

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EU-Resident Seafarer Tax
SED Tax Refunds for Non-British seaman

EU SED Tax Rebates, Refunds for EU residents

You live in a EU country and pay UK tax as a Seafarer? Under UK tax rules you can claim a 100% SED tax refund, so take advantage of our exclusive new offer - much lower fees and fastest possible refund. Get your seafarer's tax refund now! Learn more...

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Self Employment Tax
Tax Returns & Rebates for Self-Employed

Tax Returns, Rebates for Self-Employed

Need to file a SA Tax Return? Or claim a CIS tax rebate? Get full support on Self-Employment Tax - free advice on your tax status, free tax calculation in 24 hours, and much more - apply online and fix your self-employment tax now!  Learn more...

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North Sea Tax
Oil & Gas industry tax refunds

Oil and gas industry Tax Rebates, Tax Back from North sea

Working in the Oil & Gas Industry and paying UK tax? As an offshore employee you can claim ALL your tax back! Oil & Gas workers may claim full relief from UK tax. Get your UK tax refund now and receive a free calculation in 24 hours!   Learn more...

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UK Tax News
UK Tax Date

New tax forms and online calculator for 2015/16

We are glad to confirm that the new SA Tax Return and most popular supplements for the tax year 2015/16 have been uploaded in our Tax Forms section. If you need any form or tax return supplement which...

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UK Tax Calendar
UK Tax Date

Impending Deadlines

Last day to give employees their P60s.

Key UK Tax Dates

TaxUndo will get up to 100% of your UK tax back and help you with your PAYE tax (P45/P60), Seafarers tax (Seafarers Earnings Deduction), Non-resident tax (overseas employees), SA/CIS tax returns (self-employment), EU-Resident Seafarer tax refunds... No matter how complicated your tax status is, we will turn this into your advantage! Claim a Tax Refund, file a Tax Return, get free tax advice and calculations, download tax forms... it's all here, quick and simple!

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