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Based in Altrincham, TaxUndo Ltd dominates the market of income tax refunds and advice services. Our tax advisers take pride in the development of the simplest possible procedure for organizing UK tax refunds and well as filing tax returns, and providing free consultations to the UK taxpayer.

We provide expert assistance, free income tax calculations, refunds and returns so practically anyone can benefit from our service if they pay some sort of UK income tax. Many people have found their tax status to be too complex to successfully deal with it on their own. We turn this into your advantage! Stop worrying about PAYE tax (P45/P60), Seafarers Earnings Deduction (SED) , Non resident’s tax, Self employment tax (CIS, etc), etc. TaxUndo Ltd will not only settle your tax affairs, but claim up to 100% of your income tax back.

Our professional team is a winning combination of experienced tax advisers and innovative IT experts. We are dedicated to high professional standards and prompt operation. Our customers receive our service hassle-free with no advance charge whatsoever. Moreover - a lot of free tax services are included in our package without any condition.

We realize that practically everybody is facing the challenge of dealing with income taxes – sooner or later. Sharing the values of the modern world and the information society, we are dedicated to one major goal – making it easy for you. From the comfort of your home you can now deal with your tax issues, get a free consultation, and even claim a refund or file an SA tax return. All you will ever have to do is exchange a couple of emails so we can get the necessary information and sign a few papers – we take care of all the hassle and contacts with the HMRC.

TaxUndo Ltd believes in social consciousness. Therefore we aim to meet to the needs of society beyond the scope of sheer business. Income tax advice and refunds is not just what we do for a living, it is how we contribute to society, it is who we are. We will give a piece of free advice on UK income tax to literally everybody who contacts TaxUndo Ltd with a query. If we do charge a fee for any particular kind of assistance it will most likely be the lowest in the UK for that kind of service.

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We are glad to announce that TaxUndo Ltd has now opened a new section on the website in line with our expanded service range in the field of National Insurance and State benefits: http://taxundo.com/L...

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