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Having a professional tax adviser is always a good idea. But what are the risks? You can easily find out if they are competent, but are they reliable? A tax agent will normally have to be provided with some of your personal information (income, tax, address etc). Moreover they will sometimes deal with your own money - tax refunds etc. Therefore you will need to establish whether your adviser is legitimate and trustworthy. TaxUndo Ltd is committed to providing professional tax advice at the highest level, but we are equally concerned about giving you the comfort of having a credible agent. The information below will help you understand the main registration and certification procedures which your agent will have to pass in order to comply with legal requirements in their business.

Tax Agency Data Protection Act Registration

Data Protection Act Registration

A tax agent will normally be a 'Data Controller' under the definition given in the Data Protection Act (DPA). In order to provide their service (advice, tax returns, refunds etc) they will have to keep, control and use some of your personal information. Therefore TaxUndo Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under DPA, registration number: Z1320571. This will ensure we are informed and abide by all rules and requirements: processing data fairly and lawfully, information standards, information security etc.

UK Tax HMRC Registered Agent

Registered for HMRC Online Services

Being registered for HMRC online services will ensure that the agent is well known to them. This registration will also ensure your agent will be able to process your tax affairs online at the HMRC website (currently available only to self-assessment taxpayers). TaxUndo Ltd is therefore registered for online self-assessment tax return submission, and you can use the following Government Gateway Identifier to authorise our agency to file your tax returns electronically: TaxUndoLtd-HH8DN8QWS51N.


UK Tax Money Laundering

Money Laundering Registration

Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) are designed to protect the UK financial system. Accountants and tax advisers are covered by the regulations so they must put in place certain controls to prevent their business from being used for money laundering by criminals and terrorists. These include appointing a 'nominated officer', checking the identity of customers and keeping all relevant documents. TaxUndo Ltd is registered for supervision by HMRC under MLR, registration number 12570111. This means our business is being supervised by one of the supervisory authorities - HM Revenue & Customs. Being supervised by HMRC is not in itself an endorsement of a company.


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