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Having questions about your tax? Get all the answers you need. The most popular questions on personal income tax are answered below. If you have more tax queries - just ask a tax adviser and get a free tax consultation right now.

Who can make a claim?

Anyone who has paid tax in the UK for the past 4 tax years may be entitled to a tax refund.

What do I need to claim a refund?

In the general case, all you actually need is the P60/P45 from your employer(s).

What is a P45/P60/CIS voucher?

You should get one of these from your employer/contractor. This voucher shows how much you have earned and how much tax you have paid. Please check our Tax Glossary for detailed definitions.

What if I've lost my P45 or P60?

If you no longer have your P45/P60 you will need to contact your ex employer and ask for a "Statement of Earnings". If you cannot do it, TaxUndo Ltd may be able to help. However, please note:

  • As a former employee you have a higher chance of success getting this information directly from your employer.
  • TaxUndo Ltd cannot guarantee that missing documentation will be recovered -employers have NO legal obligation to issue Statements of Earnings.

How much will I get back?

In brief, it depends on two factors: how much you earned and how much tax you paid. Please note that special rules apply to some taxpayers - Seafarers, Non-residents, CIS subcontractors, etc. Check out our tax calculator or ask a tax query for more info.

How far back can I claim?

Generally you can claim for the previous five tax years, but the HMRC have reduced this period, so from April 2012 it will be 4 years in general.

What are the advantages of using TaxUndo Ltd?

Claiming tax back through our service means:

  • free tax calculation
  • free initial consultations
  • no upfront charge
  • we deal with all the papers and contacts with the tax office so there are no mistakes/delays
  • you get the highest possible amount
  • no refund - no fee
  • Money sent worldwide
  • Lost tax papers - we can help

How does it work and what do you charge?

A full description of the process is available in the Service section, fees are detailed under Terms & Conditions. Our general fee is one of the lowest in the UK - just 10.5% (min £55.00). It will apply only after the money is effectively reclaimed, no refund - no fee. All our original advice, including a tax calculation is 100% free.

What is Emergency Tax?

This is not as scary as it looks - you simply pay tax at 20% without a tax-free allowance. Moreover, you can claim it back if you have paid too much. This "emergency tax" is usually indicated by a "BR" Tax Code on your payslip/P45/P60. Such code is used if your employer is not sure how much tax you should pay, e.g. when you start a new job.

Do I need a National Insurance Number (NIN) to claim a refund?

No. Having a proper NIN usually means your claim is dealt with more efficiently, but a refund CAN be claimed using a temporary number (however, the claim is subject to delays).

Can I reclaim my National Insurance contributions?

Not completely and not in the form of a cash refund. You can transfer a portion of your contributions into a UK private pension, which will mature once you reach retirement age.

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