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We are glad to announce that TaxUndo Ltd has now opened a new section on the website in line with our expanded service range in the field of National Insurance and State benefits:

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EU Resident tax refunds

Welcome to our EU-Resident Seafarers tax area. Since the UK Government agreed in 2012 to grant SED Tax Relief to ALL residents of EU/EEA countries, claiming a FULL tax refund as a EU-resident seafarer is now guaranteed by law if you follow procedures and meet certain requirements. SED relief is available for the current and future tax periods, but also retrospectively for the past four tax years. So take advantage of our professional service, as we can now offer You the most competitive fee package on the market: Fees have been reduced, effective from 2012/13, and now vary from 7.5% down to 6% starting at a minimum of just £179.00 per tax year.

Tax Aid for EU Seafarers – the Seafarers Earnings Deduction (SED)

The Seafarer's Earnings Deduction (SED) is a UK tax relief which was previously claimable only by UK-resident seamen working on ships: they could claim a FULL refund of their UK tax. Now this tax refund is available to ALL residents of EU/EEA countries.

How do I know if I qualify for SED? You must meet three basic criteria:

  • Qualifying vessel: you must work on a "ship". There is no strict definition of a "ship" but "offshore installations" (e.g. rigs) are specifically excluded.
  • Qualifying period: Your initial claim period must run for a minimum of 365 days, beginning and ending with a period offshore (on a ship etc). During each 365-day period at least 183 days must be spent out of the UK. A day out of the UK is where you are outside the 12-mile territorial limit at midnight. Of course ALL days spent in your home country are also allowable as "days out of UK".
  • Qualifying voyage: you must have a valid foreign port visit. There must be at least ONE FOREIGN PORT for each employment in each tax year. NOTE: Voyages to installations/rigs may qualify too, if the rig/installation is located outside the UK - this includes non-UK waters/sectors of the North Sea.

How can I claim? The HMRC have now produced a special tax form R43M-SED which can be used both for the current and future tax years, as well as for the past 4 years. So, to claim a SED refund you must complete the R43M_SED form and a few other forms and send them to the HMRC.
NOTE: you must have the P45/P60 or March-payslip from your employer(s) and some record of days at sea - Discharge Book and/or Ship Logs..

To ensure you get the maximum possible refund and avoid mistakes, delays and investigations (compliance check), we recommend that you use professional help.

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EU-Seafarer's Tax Calculation

If you worked in UK as a EU-resident seafarer in any of the last 4 tax years you can use our Seafarer's Tax Calculator – a handy calculation tool designed especially for seafarers which will help you check your status.

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Seafarer's Tax Forms

The principal tax form concerning EU-resident seamen is the R43M_SED. For more details, please contact a professional - TaxUndo Ltd will provide you with free advice on tax forms in 24 hours

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More questions on EU-Resident Seafarers Tax?

If you have a specific question about your Seafarer's tax you can ask a tax adviser right now! TaxUndo will provide you with a free consultation in 24 hours.

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