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We are glad to announce that TaxUndo Ltd has now opened a new section on the website in line with our expanded service range in the field of National Insurance and State benefits:

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Welcome to the National Insurance and State Benefits area. If you wish to know more about your social security status in the UK - everything you need is here. Check the NIC sections below to find out more about your pension, benefits, healthcare, sorting out the relevant NI numbers and forms or making a NIC calculation. The National Insurance system is quite complicated in the UK and across the whole EU. If you have a specific query about National Insurance, pension, etc in UK, you can ask a professional adviser and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

UK National Insurance Contributions - what you pay for and how it works

Normally if you work for a UK employer and/or within territories/waters under UK jurisdiction you will have to contribute to the UK social security system. This will give you entitlement to state benefits, state pension, healthcare etc. These deductions from your salary are called National Insurance Contributions and are taken from your wages each month, just as the income tax. Your employer must contribute to your social security too, and they must show all contributions on each payslip and also on the annual P60.

UK NIC and the European Union - what is my position?
Being (still) a country within the EU, the UK has adopted the same social security regulations which are effective in the whole European Union. This will ensure that you will not pay too much NIC, and you can receive benefits in your home country even if you paid the social security in another EU country. In this respect it is very important do identify your position especially if you are not resident in UK, but you pay NIC. You may need to obtain several certificates/forms which will prove that you have paid social security in the UK, and you must be entitled to pension, healthcare, state benefits etc – A1, S1, U1 etc. Please contact our advisers for more assistance.

Can I claim my NIC back? Or transfer it to my home country?
Unlike the tax refund, your NIC is not normally claimable as cash in your pocket, except in some very particular situations like:

  • You work in certain areas/professions, like seafarers and offshore workers located outside UK waters/sectors, which operate under specific rules concerning social security payments,
  • You have paid social security in more than one EU country simultaneously. This happens very rarely, however the EU regulations clearly state that you should not double-pay your NIC, respectively you should get a refund from one of the local authorities (depending on the circumstances),
Even though you cannot get your NIC back as cash, you can still benefit from those payments in many ways – receive various state benefits, get a state pension etc. You can even pay social security in one EU country and get your benefits in another! Our advisers will provide more details in this respect after they've checked your particular status.

State Benefits – what are they and can I claim?
At present there are several groups of state benefits in the UK, these include: Jobseeker's Allowance, Child Benefit, Tax Credits, Disability Benefits, Housing Benefits etc. Each one is received after a specific procedure. If you pay NIC in UK you can get some of them even if you do not live in the UK. Fore example you can receive UK Child Benefit in Poland! Please contact our advisers for more assistance.

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National Insurance Calculations

Calculating your National Insurance, pension etc payments is usually a complicated matter, especially if you are not resident in the UK, or work in specific areas like the North Sea. Therefore we recommend that you contact our advisers before trying to calculate your social security payments.

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National Insurance Forms and Certificates

The most popular tax forms concerning UK National Insurance include the A1, S1, U1, E301, E104, SO41, etc. Sometimes you need to complete one form in order to get another form/certificate. The particular tax form you need will depend on your circumstances. For more details, please contact a professional - TaxUndo Ltd will provide you with free advice on UK tax forms in 24 hours.

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More questions on UK National Insurance Contributions?

If you have a specific question about your NIC as a UK resident, non-UK resident, and/or an offshore employee you can ask an adviser right now! TaxUndo will provide you with a free consultation in 24 hours.

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