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We are glad to announce that TaxUndo Ltd has now opened a new section on the website in line with our expanded service range in the field of National Insurance and State benefits:

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Welcome to the non-residents tax area. If you are a non-resident employee paying UK tax and working abroad - all about you tax is here. Check the non-residents tax sections below and find out more about claiming a 100% PAYE refund, getting the relevant tax forms or making a tax calculation. If you have a specific query about non-residents tax, you can ask a professional tax adviser and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Tax Aid for non-residents - the tax advantages of working abroad

If you work abroad you can save a lot of tax, even all of it! Most importantly: you have to determine your residency for tax purposes. In practice - your goal should be becoming a non-resident. In many respects this is the most effective form of tax planning.

UK Residency - what is my position? In the case of a full-time employment abroad, you'll be treated as non-resident from the day after you leave the UK if:

  • Your absence and full-time employment abroad lasts at least one complete tax year, and
  • Your return visits to the UK are less than 91 days per year over the period of your employment abroad.

How can I claim - do I need the SA Tax Return? Yes, if you work for a UK company overseas, you will normally continue to pay tax under PAYE, so you need the SA Tax Return to claim 100% of your tax back. Note: under certain exceptional circumstances you may be allowed to exceed the 91 day limit for visits to the UK. Also NOTE that in some cases you may be allowed to claim "split-year treatment" thus extending your non-residence into parts of a tax year when you were not located abroad all the time. However such claims must be handled very carefully - for more advice click here

Claiming a non-resident tax refund can be done by completing a few tax forms and sending them to the tax office. NOTE: you must have the P45/P60 vouchers from your employer(s). To ensure you get the maximum possible refund (usually 100%) and avoid mistakes and delays, we recommend that you use professional help.

Claim a Non-Resident Tax

Non-residents Tax Calculations

If you have worked abroad and paid UK tax in any of the last 6 tax years you can use our Non-residents Tax Calculator - a handy online tool, designed especially for overseas workers, which will help you check your status.

Calculate Non-Resident Tax Refund

Non-resident's Tax Forms

The most popular tax forms concerning employment income are the SA Tax Return, and the relevant supplement - Non Residence Pages, also P85, R43 etc. The particular tax form you need will depend on your circumstances. For more details, please contact a professional - TaxUndo Ltd will provide you with free advice on UK tax forms in 24 hours

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More questions on non-residents tax?

If you have a specific question about your tax as a non-resident you can ask a tax adviser right now! TaxUndo will provide you with a free consultation in 24 hours.

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