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We are glad to announce that TaxUndo Ltd has now opened a new section on the website in line with our expanded service range in the field of National Insurance and State benefits:

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Monthly PAYE/NIC/CIS tax to 5th January due.

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Self Employment Tax Refund

Self-Employed Tax Rebates

Welcome to the self-employment tax area. Check out the tax sections below and find out more about filing an SA Tax Return, claiming a CIS refund, getting the relevant tax forms or making a tax calculation. If you have a specific query about self-employment tax, you can ask a professional tax adviser and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Tax Aid for self-employed (sole traders, CIS workers) - The Self Assessment system

Self-Assessment is a taxation system for people who have income from sources other than employment/pension (PAYE). Most of them are self-employed as sole traders and workers in the Construction Industry (CIS). Unlike employed people who pay tax through PAYE, self-employed persons must file a Self-Assessment Tax Return to report their income and expenses, claim allowances or get a tax refund.

The Self-Assessment Tax Return is a tax form which brings together all the figures the HMRC needs to calculate your tax. Self-employed persons will have to complete the main Tax Return covering some types of income, reliefs and allowances, and the Self-Employment Pages.

The CIS Tax Rebate is a refund of tax to subcontractors in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Unlike other sole traders, CIS workers pay tax at source - just like PAYE employees. This tax is deducted and paid to HMRC by their contractors - normally every month. So at the end of the year the tax paid could be too much and subcontractors should use the tax return to claim a tax refund.

So, if you are self-employed you need to file a Tax Return to report your income and/or claim a CIS tax refund. Filing and claiming is a complex matter - all relevant figures must be reported correctly - income, expenses, CIS tax, etc. You must keep some sort of accounts too. To ensure you file the cleanest possible tax return or claim the maximum possible tax refund, we recommend that you use professional help.

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Self-Employment Tax Calculations

If you need to calculate your self-employment tax for the past few tax years you can use our SA Tax Calculator - a simple online tool which will help you check your status.

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SA Tax Forms

The single tax form normally concerning self-employed persons is the SA Tax Return and its supplement - the Self-Employment Pages. For more details, please contact a professional - TaxUndo Ltd will provide you with free advice on UK tax forms in 24 hours.

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More questions on Self-Employment tax?

If you have a specific question about your self-employment tax you can ask a tax adviser right now! TaxUndo will provide you with a free consultation in 24 hours.

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