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Welcome to our Tax Tips section. This is a list of the top ten tips you should keep in mind when dealing with your income tax. These helpful hints may keep you out of tax trouble, however they will not offer direct solutions to particular tax issues. If you need further advice on UK income tax - just ask a tax adviser and get a free consultation right now!

Don't be late

Be familiar with key tax dates and deadlines. Check out our Tax Calendar for impending tax dates.

Get professional advice from a tax agent

Do NOT rely on HM Revenue and Customs to minimize your liability or maximize your tax refund. This not what they do - their job is to collect and they are good in it, but they are not as smooth in paying back. Remember - their understanding of "correct" tax calculation, "correct" tax code, etc is not necessarily the best you are entitled to. So always ask a tax agent if you have queries about your tax.

Keep your tax papers

We strongly advise that you keep all your pay and tax related documents for the past 5-6 years: coding notices from the HMRC, P60, P45, P11D, payslips, CIS vouchers, etc - it is likely sooner or later you will need one or more of them.

Check your tax code

Your tax code will usually change just once in a tax year to reflect your new annual tax-free allowance. But your code can change for other reasons too - if you have benefits in kind, more than one job, periods of unemployment, etc. Remember - a wrong tax code is one of the most frequent reasons for tax overpayments! Ask a tax agent for more advice.

Increase your tax knowledge

Spare a few minutes and have a look at free resources like Tax Glossary, Tax News, Tax Forms, etc... also check public web sites like and

Carefully check your benefits in kind

Benefits like company cars can cut down your tax allowances - this will be reflected in your tax code and may result in less money in your pocket. For example you can get your employer to pay you to run your own car instead of providing a company car. The tax-free rate per mile is 40p for the first 10,000 miles and 25p per mile thereafter.

Keep it in the family

Get your spouse and kids in it! If you are a higher rate taxpayer you can save tax by transferring money into a lower earning (or non-earning) spouse's name. The kids get their own personal tax allowance too, and you can set up tax-efficient trusts for children or grandchildren. Children living with you may be entitled to Children's Tax Credit.

Max up your pension entitlement

Maximize your pension contributions before the end of the tax year to gain generous tax relief and then benefit from the tax efficient treatment of pension funds.

Beware of Stamp duty pitfalls

You can save a lot of money if you agree with the person you are buying a property from to drop the price below stamp duty thresholds.

Make a will

It's the only way to be sure your loved ones don't miss out on their inheritance, and to limit the tax paid on your estate.

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