Self Assessment – Transition to GOV.UK

Self Assessment guidance has moved from the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website to GOV.UK on 21 August 2014. This note explains why that’s happening and what it will mean for customers.

Transition to GOV.UK – why they’re doing it

One of the principles of the Government Digital Strategy is that all central government websites will transition to GOV.UK; essentially from 2014 this becomes the single website for all government information and the place to access all government services.

What they’ll do during transition

HMRC’s public-facing web content, including guidance will move to GOV.UK. The HMRC are creating lots of new content and modifying existing material too, to make things simpler, clearer and faster for customers to use.

Much of the Self Assessment content has been available on GOV.UK for some time, and they have recently added helpsheets.

The HMRC assure nothing gets lost during this transition. From 21 August 2014 anyone trying to access Self Assessment guidance on the HMRC website, for example using a bookmarked link, will be automatically redirected to the new page on GOV.UK. Anything that is no longer needed will still be available on the National Archives site.

HMRC’s existing online services – the ones customers need to sign into, such as Self Assessment, and Corporation Tax, won’t change as a result of transition. But customers will now access them from GOV.UK. There may be some changes to how they look – such as adding the GOV.UK logo. In the longer term, these services will be completely transformed and will join the forthcoming exemplar services on GOV.UK.

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