New Services and Discounts by TaxUndo Ltd

On the verge of the ‘Tax Refund’ season 2015/16, we would like to present you with the new features in our service, designed to provide more options in optimising your tax and social security status:

  1. In a continued effort to support our clients, particularly seafarers and riggers, especially in this tough situation in the offshore Oil/Gas Industry, we have now developed a new service that you can possibly take advantage from – namely a CHILD BENEFIT claim. You can claim this benefit if you’re responsible for a child under 16 living in the EU, and uou are paying National Insurance in the UK. Our fee for a Child Benefit claim is just £99, fully refundable if the Benefit is not awarded for whatever reason. This fee includes transferring your Benefit, even to a non-UK bank account, up to 4 times a year. Please contact us on for more details.

  2. We would also like to remind you about our additional seafarer’s DISCOUNT – just invite a colleague (fellow seaman) who has never been a client of TaxUndo Ltd and get a £30.00 discount from your own refund! NOTE it is £30.00 per person, up to 3 persons or till a minimum fee of £79.00 is reached. Moreover: your colleague will get the maximum discount as a returning customer although it will be their first claim with us.

  3. This year TaxUndo Ltd is also dealing with refunds from the Falkland Islands. Please contact us on for more details.

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